We streamline security solutions by specializing in proactive approaches and Security Awareness to help our clients be their safest. 


CTS Security offers a unique proactive and innovative way of thinking that brings over 25 years of governmental experience. Our programs and services are unique amongst the industry by offering a distinctive edge to our approach: security awareness. We integrate knowledge and proven strategies in high-level security and special operations tactics used in governmental security systems of Israel. By offering the latest high-end security solutions that revolve around surveillance detection and covert surveillance tactics, our solutions are never reactive but proactive to potential threats. We are forward-thinking by thinking ahead through the eyes of the impending risks, which is why the heart of our program revolves around building security awareness through covert training.

ActiveDefence - Security Awareness and Surveillance detection

While good security solutions quickly and effectively resolve issues when they happen, exceptional security solutions focus on preventing such risks before they ever happen. Surveillance detection ensures that preventative and observational tactics are implemented without the knowledge of the parties that may be a potential security risk. Our focus is to make sure that your team is highly-trained to identify the attacker or adversary in the early stages. This type of security awareness handles your threat when they are still not ready for you to react and are their weakest. We train your team to be vigilant of all security risks, before they ever cause harm to your business, home or facility.

Maximizing the Value of a Vital Asset

The most cost-effective and strategic approach to increasing the value of your security is to focus on enhancing and developing your security team. Our security solutions have been meticulously developed over many years to adapt to the needs of our clients, making sure that we offer the most effective and unique services and training within the industry.