We offer four levels of training courses that focuse on Security Awareness in a government-level. Our fundamental principles are surveillance detection and covert security.

All four programs include our innovative tool AcitiveDefecne.


Duration: 1 day

A one-day introductory course that offers a high-level overview of Surveillance Detection and Security Awareness, as well as a general understanding of the perspectives of potential adversaries.


Duration: 2 days

A two-day course that includes the coursework of the introductory program, as well as further comprehension of Surveillance Detection. We will focus on working in pairs and groups, to simulate the attacker’s MOs. Deeper learning of ActiveDefence’s guidelines.


Duration: 4 days

A four-day course that includes the coursework of the introductory and basic program, as well as guidance and development of a strategic plan of action. You will be able to built a comprehensive security plan based on the Attacker’s way of action. A full kit of our ActiveDefence product.

Pro: Surveillance Detection

Duration: 7 days

A rigorous and comprehensive week-long program. You will build your perfect Surveillance Detection team. This team will be working in various environment and will perform totally independently.